Our main focus is on creating great products for our users, Add-ons or mobile app that will Improve your browsing experience and functionality Add- ons can enhance existing features or add new ones entirely so you will get more form your Web browser.

You can add these extensions directly from this website, always free and always easy to add.


BrowserLock KIDS MODE - the service for parental control of browsers using our extension. Parental controls give the advanced ability to set parameters for what can show up on the browser and fully block the access to the web in a remote way

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Browser Lock gives you the privacy you deserve without having to worry about an unwanted person accessing your social media accounts, bank credentials, or worse. You can now lock your browser and go away from your computer, knowing everything will stay just as you left it.

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Keep Intruders at bay and ensure the privacy of your private files with this feature-rich Private Folder app. No one will ever know what you are hiding! Turn on the Calculator Notepad mask protection to disguise your personal folders as common tools.

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Are you tired of those annoying ads and pop-ups? Or are you sick of being tracked by third-parties and restricted out from your favorite site? Well, here’s what you need. With Umbrella Ad-block & Firewall you can shut them all off at once.

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Take control of your online privacy and anonymity with DoraVPN. Protect your online activities using DoraVPN whilst enjoying all the sweet features that came along with the VPN.

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Edit photos and pictures, add stickers, recolor, add text to the composition, change perception with filters, create anything

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Private message that will self-destruct after being read.

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